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Episode 172: George Saunders, Lincoln in the Bardo

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We’re back, baby! And we’re talking about George Saunders’ new novel, Lincoln in the Bardo, a story about a bunch of spooky ghosts hanging out in a graveyard with Abraham Lincoln’s son. We’re both fans of Saunders’ work, so we were curious to see whether we’d like this new one, which is a bit of a departure for him–or perhaps an evolution?

Also: Cheers fan fiction! So that’s pretty exciting.

Oh, and here’s a link to the Laura Miller piece we talked about in the second half, if you’d like to read it for yourself.

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One thought on “Episode 172: George Saunders, Lincoln in the Bardo

  1. I had a different experience with the book, Lincoln in the Bardo, because I listened to the audible version and I heard him speak in DC. I can see where Mike was frustrated by the structure since he read it without any info about it beforehand. I really liked the novel in the audible version and then enjoyed reading the book itself after listening to it. I typically do not enjoy listening to fiction books, but this book lends itself well to listening. If you are inclined to give it another try, try the audiobook. It definitely contains humor and it comes through in the audiobook.

    Speaking to this book being about Trump or the desire by some to have it be a referendum on our current time. We should remember that the book was written before the rise of Trump. Saunders shared this poem with us at the speaking event –

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