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Episode 180: Marcy Dermansky, The Red Car


This week’s book is a brand new novel by Marcy Dermansky, about a woman who heads to San Francisco for the funeral of her former boss and, once there, begins to realize she might want to change her life. We talk about the book’s deadpan humor, its unique voice, and whether we’re cool or not cool with ghost cars in literature.

In the second half of the show, Mike gets sad about Twitter, the state of the world, and dummies.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 180: Marcy Dermansky, The Red Car

  1. If you’re still wondering about The Golden Child, this video gives a nice rundown of its vital role in the beginning of Eddie Murphy’s fall from stardom

  2. Hmm, I was trying to post a link, I didn’t know it was going to embed. Seems obnoxious to me to embed a video on someone else’s site, so please know that wasn’t my intention.

    • No apologies necessary, and oh my god, I apparently remembered nothing about The Golden Child except for the kid. Much, much weirder than I’d remembered.

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