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Book Fight After Dark: A Caveman in Love

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We’re giving you a special mid-week bonus episode, Book Fight friends, on account of how much we love you, and also as a bit of a teaser for our ongoing Patreon series, Book Fight After Dark, which you can subscribe to for only $5 a month.

That five smackers will get you an episode like this one every month, on a book outside of our usual reading picks–paranormal romances, Amish mysteries, murder-solving canines, Rapture thrillers: the Book Fight After Dark picks explore some of the weirder corners of the literary world. Like the book for our February episode, in which a woman time-travels back to early human history and enters into a (maybe consensual?) relationship with a caveman. It’s called Transcendence, by Shay Savage, and it is truly something.

If you like this episode, and you want more like it, just subscribe to our Patreon at $5 or more a month. That’s also a great way to support the show more generally, which requires a lot of time and effort on our part. We know not everyone can afford to chip in, and that’s totally fine–we’ve both been there ourselves!–but if you’re doing ok, and can spare a few bucks a month, we’d love it if you considered throwing it our way. In exchange, you’ll get a bonus episode each month, plus access to our growing archive of bonus episodes. All you have to do is sign up via Patreon, and they’ll auto-deduct the donation each month. Of course you can cancel at any time.

Anyway, onto the episode!

Stream Book Fight After Dark:

Download Book Fight After Dark (right-click, save-as)


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