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Episode 274: How to Warn Future Humans of the Mess We’ve Made


This week we continue our Spring Forward season by discussing an essay by Matt Jones that first appeared in The New England Review and was then republished by The Lit Hub. The essay, titled How Can We Warn Future Humans of the Poison We Buried Underground?, is a kind of thought experiment brought on by an actual project, in which a team of thinkers was tasked with coming up with a way to communicate to future societies that we’d buried nuclear waste under a specific spot in the desert. The essay delves into various ways that futurists think of possible futures, and the inherent optimist in even imagining a future.

We also talk about what the future of food looked like to people in the middle part of the twentieth century, and atomic gardens, and Betty Crocker’s Recipe Card Library. You can read more on that last subject here, via the New York Times Magazine.

If you have suggestions for things we should check out this season, let us know! We’re not just interested in traditional science fiction, but any kind of writing that imagines a possible future (including those written long enough ago that their “futures” have already passed).

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2 thoughts on “Episode 274: How to Warn Future Humans of the Mess We’ve Made

  1. I just read Brook Bolander’s “The Only Harmless Great Thing,” a very short novel that deals with the same topic. Also, radioactive elephants!

  2. you had me at radioactive elephants !

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