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Episode 320: Tony the Tiger is a Snack

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This week we’re discussing a short story recommended to us on Twitter as “feel-good literary fiction,” though we’re not sure that label is totally apt. “The Era,” by Nana Kwame Adjei–Brenya, was first published in Guernica in April 2018. It’s funny, and and strange, but “feel-good”? The jury’s still out.

Also this week: NaNoWriMo has fired up its engines in response to the current pandemic, aiming to get people writing while they’re stuck at home. Which means it’s time for us to take another visit to the NaNoWriMo forums, to answer some pressing questions about vampires who eat regular food, what to name an Irish factory owner, and lots of other stuff. AND, as if that wasn’t enough for one episode, we’ve also got some Tony the Tiger fan fiction. Who knew Tony was so sexy? (the whole internet, apparently)

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Until next time: thanks for listening!

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