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Episode 413: Siân Griffiths

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We’re joined by Siân Griffiths (author of Scrapple, and The Heart Keeps Faulty Time) to discuss a short story she regularly teaches and that her students often dislike, in large part because it involves killing cats. And it turns out Mike might be on Team Siân’s Students, though for somewhat different reasons (not that he cares for cats being killed, either!). We talk about the pedagogical benefits of having your students read something they may not like, and debate where the line is between a good description and an overwrought, show-offy one. Plus: horse stuff!

To make up for the fictional cat-killing, please enjoy this picture of Mike’s cat, Frances.

You can read the story, “Breatharians,” here, via The New Yorker:

And learn more about our guest, and her work, here:

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