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Episode 183: Spring Fling, Lydia Davis (“Break It Down”)

Hello, listeners! It’s the last week of our spring season, in which we’ve been reading stories about various types of flings. For this final installment, we’re discussing the Lydia Davis story “Break It Down,” from her collection of the same name. In the story, a man tries to calculate the literal cost of a love affair, though that accounting is really just a vehicle for considering the ways even a short-lived relationship–especially a short-lived relationship?–can leave lasting psychic marks.

Here’s a picture of the author, along with a quite lovely cat.

Also this week, we wrap up our discussion of literary affairs by looking at romances between writers that were actually successful. Thanks to this Lit Hub piece, by Emily Temple, for providing us lots of discussion fodder.

We’ve also got a final installment of dating advice for writers, plus some literary quotes that may (or may not) help you get that special someone into the sack.

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Summer of Love: Frederick Barthelme, “Shopgirls”

It’s September, the temperature is dropping dramatically (at least here in our little pocket of the world), and the kids are back in school. Which means we’ve reached the end of the road for the Summer of Love. It’s been a good run, but all good things eventually come to an end. Please join us for one final refreshing dip in the ocean, one more ice cream cone, one more dance, one more stroll down the boardwalk of love.

For the final Summer of Love episode, we’re discussing Frederick Barthelme’s “Shopgirls” (which you can read for free at that link). We talk about dirty realism, the second person, and why you’re such a weird creep.

We also talk this week about that kid at Duke who won’t read Fun Home because of boobies, and we offer some hot takes on Kim Davis.

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