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Dispatches from the Writing Industrial Complex: AWP 2013

Hey, listeners! We’ll be posting regular brief updates from the AWP conference in Boston. To get them as soon as they post, you can subscribe (for free) in the iTunes store. Or just check back here, where you’ll be able to stream each new mini-ep.

Dispatch #1 (3/6/13, 7:30 pm)
We’re here! After a relaxing train ride filled with people we guessed were poets, we arrived in Boston and realized we weren’t quite psychologically prepared for AWP. Luckily, our hotel had a free beer waiting for us. VIP!


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Dispatch #2 (3/7/13, 5:45 pm)
Our first day in the belly of the beast. We actually recorded this update from the conference floor, so you can experience the aural thrill of several hundred (thousand?) writers talking about writing.


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Dispatch #3 (3/8/13, 9:30 am)
Hello, morning! A little groggy, but there’s important conferencing to be done. Talking points include: popping and locking, the guy in the newspaper hat, rejection notices.


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Dispatch #4: Panel challenge (3/8/13, 7:00 pm)

The results of our panel challenge: Tom endures 75 minutes on creative writing as therapy, while Mike learns about the connections between history and poetry.


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Dispatch #5: Podcast Synergy

Tod Goldberg and Julia Pistell, of the Literary Disco podcast, stop by for a quick chat, here on the last day of AWP. Talking points include: Bedouin poetry tents, Val Kilmer as Mark Twain, writer costumes, and bad paneling.


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Writers Ask: TGIT

This week we’re answering questions about low-residency MFA programs, revisiting your old work, and whether writers should attend AWP. Also, Mike tries to alienate as many listeners as possible, while Tom tries to keep things on track.

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