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Episode 46: Kurt Vonnegut, Cat’s Cradle

Well, it finally happened: we had to re-record an episode because the usually trusty Book Fight laptop ate our first effort. Technological woes aside, this week we’re talking about Cat’s Cradle, a book we both read as teenagers and are revisiting now as adults. We also discuss the behavioral proclivities of haters, beer can design, and why you should give us some of your hard-earned money.


Seriously, if you enjoy the show, we hope you’ll consider throwing us a few bucks to keep us funded for the next year. We certainly don’t expect to get rich from doing the podcast, or even moderately financially solvent, but we would like to recoup our ongoing technology costs, and maybe buy ourselves a few fancy beers. If you can afford to donate–and we know a lot of our listeners are poor writers, like us–we’ve got some great rewards lined up for you, including a digital anthology of work from past Book Fight guests (and your trusty Book Fight hosts), and a bonus episode in which we’ll read Rush Limbaugh’s forthcoming young adult novel, the sheer awesomeness of which we can’t even begin to fathom.

As always, thanks for listening, and for helping us spread the word about the show. You can stream the episode below, or visit us in the iTunes store, where you can subscribe (for free!) and never miss another episode.


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