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Episode 179: Spring Fling, Anton Chekhov (“The Lady With the Dog”)

This week we’re continuing our “spring fling” theme by discussing one of the most famous stories about an affair: Anton Chekhov’s “Lady With the Dog.” Is the main character redeemed by love, or is he just a selfish jerk? Should unhappily married people seek solace in the warm embrace of another? And what about the dog? What’s the dog up to?

Here’s a photo of the author, who is probably contemplating a bus ride to pound town.

We also talk this week about the many loves of Robert Lowell, and the time he appropriated his ex-wife’s letters for his own book of poetry. For more on Lowell, check out this piece from the New Republic by Michelle Dean.

In the second half of the episode, we take a trip to Yahoo Answers, to see what burning questions people have about cheating. Spoiler alert: people are the worst.

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