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Episode 165: John Connolly, The Book of Lost Things

This week’s book was a Mike pick. A novel that draws on elements of familiar fairy tales and mythic stories, yet plays with them in a way that feels original. The author was new to us, but he’s well-known by readers of crime novels–he’s written a series of books featuring a private detective named Charlie Parker. This book seems like a departure for him, though.


We also talk this week about raccoons, because that’s something we do. Plus: the return of a long-dormant segment that has to do with Tom’s pants.

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Summer of Shorts Episode 4: Edward Porter and Cargo Shorts

This week we welcome back Dave Housley (Barrelhouse editor, Grateful Dead fan, author of the forthcoming If I Knew The Way, I Would Take You Home) to discuss Edward Porter’s story from Issue 11 of Barrelhouse, “The White Guy’s Guide to Marrying a Black Woman.” We talk about the story’s second-person voice, and how it both uses and transcends its “how-to” conceit. We also provide a peek inside the editorial process, and what makes a submission stand out in the queue.

Note: You can find a linked .pdf version of the story at the bottom of this post.


We’re also, of course, continuing our encyclopedic exploration through the world of shorts. We debate the relative coolness of cargo shorts, and when we, as a culture, reached “peak cargo.” We also discuss the rise of camouflage cargo, and the brief period during which all men’s bathing suits had extra cargo pockets. Whatever your opinion of pockets, I think we can all agree there is no reason for these things to exist:


Also this week, Mike finally drives Tom crazy, via the musical stylings of the band Phish. If only this were a video podcast, you could see some pretty sweet white-guy dance moves. Alas, you’ll just have to use your imagination.

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Ed Porter – The White Guy’s Guide To Marrying a Black Woman (pdf)